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EKO Cosmetic for Lady

  • NEW - A series of creative and innovative products, TEM essences and hydrosols based on TEM (traditional European medicine) or "bud therapy".
  • Almost all Crystal Essence facial care products are packaged in high-quality protective opal glass.
  • SANOLL crystal essence facial care offers the purest natural products with biocosmetic effects for a beautiful and balanced complexion. This is especially appreciated by people with sensitive and sensitive skin. With the SANOLL production method, which is constantly evolving over the years, the values of biological or biodynamic "Demeter" raw materials are fully preserved. We don't need any chemical / synthetic additives, which are unfortunately also allowed in organic cosmetics, such as emulsifiers or preservatives!
  • Try and feel the difference!
  • Poskusite in občutite razliko!

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    1 Item(s)