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Silk Fabric

Silk fabric is beautiful smooth and shining fabric with soft touch. This royal fabric will not only offer a unique feeling but it will also affect your health. Silk contains essential aminoklisline and proteins that have beneficial effects on your skin. Silk will keep skin moisture, slow down aging and even will bring back younger look to your skin. The same will do with your hair. Silk is an excellent temperature regulator, which will not only regulate body temperature but will also succeeded in reducing fever in health imbalances such as heat and hot flashes.

For advice and other information please contact us on: +386 1 320 20 71 or at [email protected].

Learn more about silk HERE.


16 Item(s)


16 Item(s)


    We are choosing best quality products of EU origin with strictest certificates in textiles.


    We deliver your package free of charge to all ordres of 50€ or more in Slovenia & 300€ or more to all countries in EU.


    We dedicate 100% to each individual and completely tailor theit wishes. Call us and we will be happy to advise you.


    All textile products include at least 92% of natural fibers and have not been exposed to health-hazardous substances.