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LINEN Bathrobes

  • Durability: Linen is known as the most durable fabric, allowing the linen garment to have a long life span. Linen clothes are comfortable, versatile and attractive. Almost every piece of linen clothing can be used in a formal or casual style. Therefore, this natural fabric has long been a fashion choice for people who want simple and delicate clothes.
  • Easy to maintain: It can be washed in a washing machine (40-60°C recommended) and does not even need ironing as the linen looks great also crumpled.
  • No allergy causes: The skin in it breathes and thus does not create an environment on the skin that can attract any bacteria.
  • Usable year-round: In high temperatures it cools the body and warms body in low temperatures - linen clothing can be worn year-round.
Read more about Linen HERE.

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3 Item(s)


3 Item(s)