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Baby Alpaca Blanket

Baby alpaca wool is wool from the first shearing of alpaca. It is known as the softest and most luxurious fiber in the world primarily because of its durability despite its lightness. Baby alpaca is warmer than classic wool but very soft, dense and silky smooth. Therefore, it is also the perfect yarn for clothing, accessories and blankets.

Alpaca wool is a practical fiber with plenty of natural resistance. Known it is resistant to fire, water, odors, stains and wrinkles. However for the long life still need to be properly maintained. It does not cause allergies and is very suitable for allergy sufferers. It is also excellent for newborns since its softness and tenderness natively ideal for sensitive skin. It is a temperature controller and is suitable for cold and warm days.

Alpaca wool is a renewable fiber and is one of the most environmentally friendly textiles. Alpacas are bred in a natural environment, shaving techniques used are safe and friendly alpacas. Fibers require little processing to be processed into luxury yarn that is why their output leaves a small footprint on the environment.


8 Item(s)


8 Item(s)


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