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Striped Linen

  • Linen fabric is extremely durable in both hard and soft weaving. A wide selection of fabrics is suitable for many products from clothing to various decorations and also for more demanding products.
  • The goods are exclusively of EU Origin.
  • You can read more about Lana HERE
Usability by weight and type of weaving:

  • Transparent linen and linen up to approx. 110g / m2: for curtains, scarves, mosquito protection, etc .;
  • Weight approx. 125-130 g / m2: for light blouses, tops, underwear, etc;
  • Weight approx. 150-180 g / m2: for various outerwear, blouses, shirts, light summer clothes, bedding, curtains, decorative purposes, etc;
  • Weight approx. 190-210 g / m2: for various outerwear: trousers, shirts, jackets, tablecloths, decorative purposes, etc;
  • Weight approx. 230-280 g / m2: for various outerwear: trousers, jackets, tablecloths, decorative curtains, etc;
  • Weight approx. 290-600 g / m2: for various bags, sun protection, upholstery, etc;
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