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Cotton braided cord

In this category, you can order knitted cotton cords and cotton cords of high quality cotton yarn. Cotton cords are friendly to the skin (not "scratch"), they are relatively soft, they can knit and process.

Cotton cords are very absorbent and can absorb up to 30% of their weight in water or oil, but they can be lowered again.

Cotton cords have extremely low allergic potential, they are odorless and easy to wash if needed.

Cotton rope is made from 100% natural cotton yarn. It is used for various products such as bracelets, macrame cords, pendants, finishing in clothing and various accessories. Excellent role of cotton cord will be find in artistic products such wall images. It will also enriched decorative details in any home.

Cotton string may also be painted. It is very soft to the touch and very flexible.


11 Item(s)


11 Item(s)