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Versatile ropes are well proven in a variety of functional products, as well as decorative. Ropes are useful in sporting equipment and props for various construction purposes, marine, agriculture, horticulture and more. Usability rope for decorative purposes in homes or in fashion is almost unlimited because it can be used almost anywhere. From unique carpets, innovative held for the lights, original railings on the staircase, special barriers between rooms, hanging holders for shelves all the way to the decor and useful details for gardens. Rope can also create wall art that will adorn the walls of homes or various baskets in which you can harvest food or other personal items. And much more.

Endless possible to use ropes will undoubtedly impress everyone with ideas and imagination. From different thicknesses and endings you can choose from hemp ropes, manila rope, sisal ropes and cotton ropes.


Items 1 to 24 of 153 total


Items 1 to 24 of 153 total